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Africa shines in our FACE HEART Tank


Africa Rocks OLD School Lovers Tee

Love Power

Mystic Search

Featured artists Ms. Smith, Larry, Johnny B and Cheick make their home in New York City but bring the sounds and heritage of Jamaica, Ghana, Burkina Faso, the DRC and the Cosmos to Mystic Search. One Love.

Leila in A Heart Tank

The clouds carried me here

Bumpy Road

Featured artists Johnny B. makes his home in the Bronx but brings the sounds and heritage of the DRC and the Cosmos to Bumpy Road. One Love.

Yadah in OLD School Lovers Tee

Aeternal Angel In the Sky

Space Rock

Featured artists Larry, Cheick and Johnny B. make their home in the Bronx but bring the sounds and heritage of Ghana, Burkina Faso, the DRC and the Cosmos to Space Rock. One Love.

Aeternal LOVERS Message


Aeternal Origins

Aeternal Lovers Sound System is a Bronx-based clothing & music production collective. We derive our sustenance and DIY inspiration from our mother, the urban jungle. New York City is home to more people from more places than any other city on earth and they all bring their music. Our musical roots are in hip hop, rock and roll, funk, reggae, and dancehall. We make tracks for all the Aeternal Lovers who want to keep mixing it up: singers, rappers, spoken word artists, and everyone in between. Our clothing features exclusive original artwork, typically in hand-painted and limited editions.

In the Beginning…

When a supermassive star dies,
its outer layer explodes into space,
while its central mass collapses inward.
No known force in the universe can stop this process
and the center of the star becomes a super dense
yet volumeless point known as a “Singularity”.
The star has now become a “Black Hole” more accurately a “Black Body” or “Ideal Black Body”… Ideally Black because not even light, if it passes too close, can escape the Body’s
Enormous gravitational pull.
At the edge of the Body,
the “Accretion Disk” glows super bright
from the incredible friction caused by matter being drawn into the Body.
Here lies the “Event Horizon”
the borderline which divides the knowable from the unknowable, as no information drawn into the singularity can ever escape.
This leads to the Information Loss Paradox as preservation of matter is a supposed “Law” of nature.
On the other hand, these “Black Bodies” which seem to be at the center of many galaxies, including our own,
have been observed shooting out massive “Plasma Jets” where even molecular bonds are loosened,
matter becomes ionized, electrically charged,
and begins to form into “Cells.”
Black Bodies come in many sizes from massive to supermassive
and, some speculate,
even Microscopic …..


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